The future of last-mile delivery operating systems
Deed Delivery

Making its expo debut this year, Deed will be showing how its last-mile delivery operating systems combine all essential functionalities required by a delivery company into one user-friendly platform, resulting in streamlined operations and improved efficiency. The systems have been proved to reduce failed deliveries by over 40%, achieving substantial cost savings in delivery while minimizing in-house technology expenses.

By eliminating the need for separate tools and hardware, Deed simplifies processes for drivers, delivery hubs and customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery experience. The system consists of three interconnected pillars that provide real-time updates: a user portal for recipients, a dashboard for delivery hubs and a dedicated driver app.

With Deed's innovative approach, companies can optimize their last-mile delivery operations, enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. By harnessing the power of technology and real-time updates, Deed – a finalist in the PIP Startup Innovation Awards, being presented on Day 1 of the show – empowers delivery companies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving logistics industry.

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