AI-powered software to detect counterfeit parcels

Countercheck will be showing visitors its AI-powered software that efficiently detects counterfeit parcels during the sorting process, promoting collaboration among carriers, brands and law enforcement agencies.

By seamlessly integrating into carrier sorting operations, Countercheck's no-impact image analysis software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze parcel images. It identifies potential counterfeit items by assessing visual indicators and detecting packaging inconsistencies. This proactive and automated approach helps carriers protect their reputation by preventing the distribution of counterfeit goods.

Countercheck enables carriers to quickly identify and mark suspicious packages, so they can promptly respond and maintain their reputation as reliable service providers. Collaborating with brands and law enforcement, Countercheck strengthens the collective effort against counterfeiting, enhancing the carrier's image and demonstrating a commitment to supply chain security.

By implementing Countercheck, companies can enhance their supply chain security, preserve brand reputation and safeguard consumers against purchasing counterfeit products. This collaborative approach between brands, carriers and law enforcement agencies strengthens the overall anti-counterfeiting efforts and promotes a more secure and trustworthy marketplace.

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