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Delivery tricycle

Japanese company Aidea has started sales of the new AA-Cargo throughout Europe. Available in two different power tunings, this commercial tricycle has many high-spec safety features: powerful LED headlight, detachable and height-adjustable roof, crystal-clear windshield, sun visor and double-speed wipers with dedicated washer tank. Thanks to the tilting geometry of the rear wheels, the Aidea three-wheeler behaves like a motorcycle when cornering, safe even on low-grip surfaces, and with powerful braking (triple-disc brakes). Two powerful electric motors propel it to 70km/h and allow it to tackle the most demanding climbs. Rear loading is available for better maneuverability. Center parking brakes and roll-lock allow driver mounting and dismounting from the left and right sides.

Top-of-the-line batteries use either 336 or 672 Panasonic 18650-type cells for a total of 3.85kWh and 7.7kWh respectively.

The onboard charger and the Type 1 or Type 2 sockets allow charging from the domestic 100V~220V grid or charging stations. A single battery can recharge to 80% in less than two hours from domestic 220V grids.

The large dimensions and high payload capacity rear flatbed (60 x 60cm, 75kg payload) can be fitted with boxes of various types and sizes, ideal for refrigerated, hot, grocery and parcel delivery.

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