Automatic dimensioning, weighing and scanning
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The Bedal 3L-85 is a static dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) system that can automatically capture the dimensions and weight of regularly and irregularly shaped parcels, such as items in polybags. Its normal measuring range is from 100 x 100 x 50mm to 440 x 340 x 310mm but it can also measure the volume and weight of objects as thin as an envelope, with the assistance of a jig.

The Bedal 3L-85 earned OIML R 129 certification in 2021, which is testament to its measuring accuracy (cuboid items: ±5mm; irregularly shaped items: ±10mm). Bedal says that OIML-certified measuring instruments ensure the reliability of measurement results and prevent human errors in the measurement data. In 2021, the Bedal 3L-85, a product of South Korea, became the sixth company in the world and the first company in Asia to obtain this certificate. This automated logistics solution has been designed to apply to online shopping malls, fulfillment service providers, logistics companies and companies wanting to optimize warehouse space. It is particularly useful for companies that handle cross-border shipping because customs clearance requires accurate dimensions and weight – under-declaration will lead to delay in shipment and additional charges.

The Bedal SmartConnect (BSC) program is provided with the measuring instrument. Using BSC, the measurement data is transmitted to the computer by reading the barcode on the package and can be saved in the form of comma-separated values (CSV) and JavaScript object notation (JSON) files. Furthermore, since the image of the package is captured when reading the barcode and saved in a separate folder on the customer’s computer, e-commerce sellers and fulfillment service providers can use the data and images as evidence when dealing with inquiries and complaints from retail customers about wrong deliveries. Bedal also claims that if a company is using its own system to handle package shipping, BSC enables easy integration with API as well.

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