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New parcel locker

The KePol Flex system will be officially presented for the first time at the upcoming Parcel+Post Expo 2021 in Vienna. With the KePol Flex parcel locker, the handover experts from Keba have developed a sophisticated solution that allows quick and cost-saving outdoor installations.

KePol Flex parcel lockers are supplied with a strong internal battery that lasts for the entire lifespan. There is no need for establishing a costly electrical connection. In addition, these devices have a stable and heavy concrete base, which enables them to be set up almost anywhere without the need for further preparation on-site. This saves time-consuming, expensive foundation construction and eliminates the complicated official approval process.

The smart KePol Flex lockers are app-operated via Bluetooth on the users’ smartphones. If several KePol Flex lockers are installed in one place, they can be logically joined to one large virtual locker. Users no longer have to try several lockers; they are connected to the right one on the first attempt. This unique function saves time and makes processes even more user friendly.

KePol Flex parcel lockers offer the same outstanding reliability and functionality as all other KePol systems. They can be integrated easily into an existing locker network, and they allow parcel lockers to be put in places where the necessary investment for installation would otherwise be too high.

KePol Flex parcel lockers help to minimize the risk of bad investments. If the desired parcel volume can’t be achieved in one place, it is easy to pack the KePol Flex onto a truck and bring it to another, more promising site.

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