Affordable and advanced volumetric measurement
Leopard Systems

Leopard Systems will launch Leopard Cube at the upcoming Parcel+Post Expo. Capturing the volumetric data of freight will no longer be laborious, slow and costly for postal, transport and logistics enterprises. With the ability to efficiently and accurately generate the dimensional weight of all types of freight, Leopard Cube offers a superior, affordable and user-friendly solution to volumetric measurement.

Using a tape measure combined with the latest rugged mobile scanning computers, users can effortlessly and accurately record the correct dimensional weight of parcels, improving shipping operations and reducing revenue leakage.

The secure, cloud-based, serverless application allows front-line staff to connect with head office via secure real-time communications, enhancing workflow efficiency and transparency. Additionally, Leopard Cube interfaces with existing mobility and business systems to seamlessly monitor transactions and minimize charge-back disputes.

Leopard Cube offers a smarter, more reliable, leaner volumetric data capture process that boosts productivity, saves time and allows users to focus on new revenue generating activities. Leopard Cube will improve business for third-party logistics providers, carriers, postal counter and vehicle loading tasks, particularly for non-standard ‘ugly’ freight, where expensive machines are not justified or available.

Booth: 95

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