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DAY 1: Lcity debuts solar-powered electric delivery van
L City

For its first appearance at Parcel+Post Expo 2021, L City Automotive has debuted its modular electric-powered delivery vehicle for urban environments.

The batteries are located in the floor of the modular vehicle platform and can be easily replaced and upgraded to provide the customer with up to 420km of range. The company has also developed a system for quick battery replacement, called the L City Battery Swap System, which enables the continuous use of the electric vehicles.

The hood, doors, bumpers and roof are made by thermo-vacuum molding of UV-protected, pre-painted acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) panels. They are not only resistant to scratches and usage, but also are easy to install and replace. This modularity allows it to be upgraded and modified according to the needs of different customers at any time. The use of standard steering, pedals and seat control is intended to eventually be replaced by autonomous steering.

Most innovative of all, L City modular design enables the seamless integration of solar panels into the exterior details of the vehicle, including the cabin roof and the sides and ceiling of the cargo unit. This can create up to 30% more range each day, depending on the climate, the equivalent of up to 30,000km per year.

Rosen Daskalov, CEO L City Automotive, said, “We began in 2013 by designing and building a supercar in the UK (SIN Cars). In 2018, I decided to investigate what we could do with our knowledge from motorsport and racing to help build a better future. We went in the direction of a modular platform where the chassis houses the batteries and motor and the top shell can be adapted to suit a wide range of purposes, in this case logistics and deliveries. Nobody in the market is doing what we are doing. It’s a very simple production line, with many ready made profiles.”

L City is exhibiting at this year’s Parcel+Post Expo – register here for your free entry badge.

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