Solar-powered autonomous battery locker
Arka Industrial Automation

Arka will present at the expo the future of secure storage with its AK 500 EKO solar-powered autonomous battery locker. The company says the innovative and practical locker showcases the exceptional skill of its R&D department.

Equipped with a global system for mobile communication (GSM) module supporting 4G connectivity and GPS, the locker offers seamless communication and real-time tracking. The company has incorporated features such as a QR scanner, LED light system and keypad into the locker, and will soon also offer a touchscreen monitor.

Arka says the AK 500 EKO boasts some impressive features for a great software experience. The locker enables remote door opening – it keeps the server informed about the door lock status, providing essential security and monitoring. Furthermore, it supports remote firmware updates. Through GSM transmission, the locker regularly sends the status of its peripherals to the server at specific intervals, as determined by the client. This facilitates efficient monitoring and maintenance.

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