Next-generation rolling container system

New from returnable packaging manufacturer Loadhog is the Dolly Max, a next-generation rolling container system.

Working collaboratively with customers within the postal industry, Loadhog’s R&D team has developed a new system that answers the requirements of future post, parcel and e-commerce supply chains. This system offers increased versatility, better vehicle fill, improved handling efficiencies and carbon reductions compared with existing systems on the market today.

Dolly Max is one of the most efficient and versatile rolling container systems, with different options that can be adapted for transporting and storing segregated, loose, bulk and mixed goods. The one-touch brake on the dolly deck is easily accessible, locking two swivel castors and ensuring the brake is applied quickly and safely.

Replacing inefficient transportation packaging systems like roll cages, wrapped pallets and pallet shippers, Dolly Max can transform the way goods are moved through supply chains, enabling more efficient, cost-effective and flexible movements. Find out more at Loadhog's booth.

Booth: 10.315

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