Conveyor and palletizer for logistics

Qimarox will showcase the Prorunner mk5 vertical conveyor and the cutting-edge Highrunner HR9 palletizer, designed for efficient palletizing in logistics environments. This innovative palletizer streamlines container unloading processes, offering significant benefits to businesses.

With a fully integrated 3D product scanner, the HR9 captures carton contours and dimensions automatically, eliminating the need for manual measurements and creating custom stacking pattern designs. Operators can easily select their desired stacking pattern and the machine executes the instructions flawlessly.

An outstanding feature of the HR9 is its ability to minimize product damage by carrying items at the bottom during palletizing. This ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction.

The Highrunner HR9 ensures businesses gain benefits such as a faster palletizing process, reduced reliance on manual labor and reduced risks of workplace injuries or accidents.
The HR9's success is exemplified at OMS International, where it processes 10,000 boxes daily for a prominent supermarket chain, leading to significant savings in personnel costs.

With its advanced capabilities, the Highrunner HR9 revolutionizes container unloading processes, boosting overall productivity in the logistics industry. Its innovative features and efficient performance make it a game-changer for companies seeking automation solutions for their container unloading and palletizing needs.

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