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Postal software architecture for management of multiple platforms

BlueCrest sortation technology is trusted by national posts, private posts and commercial businesses across the globe. Taking center stage at Parcel+Post Expo 2021 will be BlueCrest’s SortEngine 360 platform with integrated OCR technology. BlueCrest’s experts will take visitors step by step through this innovative software architecture that enables operators to gather intelligence and drive efficiencies across the entire processing environment.

A high-speed sorting operation may consist of multiple sites, different processes and a range of sortation machines, all of which add complexity, inefficiency and cost. SortEngine 360 enables organizations to connect multiple sites and equipment types to optimize technology usage and efficiencies and consolidate all mail and parcel processing requirements.

Featuring integrated OCR technology, which gathers intelligence across the entire processing environment, this innovative software architecture provides data insights that empower organizations to rapidly understand equipment usage patterns, identify any underutilized systems and increase capacity without adding additional hardware. Using these insights, users can make informed decisions relating to vans, transport, additional equipment, staffing requirements, services offered and more.

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