Drop-off locker
Shenzhen Zhilai Sci and Tech Co.

Shenzhen Zhilai will be at this year’s Parcel+Post Expo to showcase its solution for returning items that have been purchased online, without customers having to wait at home for someone to collect them.

The Zhilai drop-off locker is a fully integrated parcel locker for retailers and carriers that automates returns and pickups of packages, with an optional built-in ability to print shipping labels.

With the popularity of online shopping increasing at a rapid rate, consumers’ desire for a fast and easy return has increased as well. The Zhilai drop-off locker is an ideal solution for this kind of situation. With the integration of e-commerce software, the status of the package can be tracked in real time, from when it enters the locker to when the delivery is completed and returned to the warehouse.

Customers can choose the return service on their mobile device, and once the e-commerce platform accepts the request, the customer can go to the nearest drop-off locker and follow the instructions on the locker screen to print out the shipping label. Once the label has been scanned and the package has been put in the locker, the customer just needs to return home and wait for the seller to confirm they have received the item.

The drop-off locker features a sensor inside the locker to alert operators when it’s nearing capacity and this consolidation of packages makes the collection process quicker and easier for retailers and carriers. Additionally, the printer offers a convenient, self-service option for consumers and reduces the time carriers spend printing and affixing labels, as well as easing the collection process for retailers.

In addition to the company’s new drop-off locker, Shenzhen Zhilai is also exhibiting its latest 18-door refrigerated locker. This product can be used for the storage and delivery of fresh fruit and food.

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