Four-wheel electric cargo bike
Gaius Automotive, Inc.

Following the successful debut of its tilting three-wheel motorcycle in 2022, Gaius is bringing its latest model, Rapide Lite, to Parcel+Post Expo 2023, in Amsterdam.

Rapide Lite is a four-wheel electric cargo bike with a 1,500-liter cargo box and 7-speed automated transmission. It features a modular design for easy customization of the front compartment to accommodate logistics containers of different sizes. Customers can choose between a pickup bed or a cargo box at the back, with a payload capacity of 200kg.

The bike's motor system intelligently detects riding conditions and pedal force, automatically shifting gears for a smooth and effortless riding experience. With high torque capability, the Rapide Lite maintains excellent performance even when carrying heavy loads on steep grades and its long travel suspension navigates rough terrain and curbs with ease, ensuring an enjoyable ride for fleet riders.

Booth: 12.506

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