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Solystic, an international supplier of delivery logistics automation solutions for the postal and parcel delivery industries, has delivered more than 4,000 systems on five continents. The company specializes in the organization and design of logistics platforms and their flows, with solutions developed based on a powerful simulation tool. Each solution ensures quality and delivery times, with changes managed throughout the lifespan of the systems. Solystic can automate intralogistics processing phases in sorting centers or distribution offices, covering all sorting and distribution preparation activities.

Solystic has several new innovations. XMS, the only existing solution for sorting letters and flat mail, is equipped with assistance for loading and unloading full trays, which allows for real collaboration between operators and robotics.

The company’s Compact Slide Tray is a compact small packet sorting system. This is based on proven technologies, and allows high throughput to multiple destinations using a limited space of approximately 200m2 (2,150ft2).

TOP2000, the flat mail sorting machine, is now available with mobile robotics assistance for loading and unloading trays.

Soly, Solystic’s mobile robotics solution, is driven by intelligent information systems and has numerous applications: transportation of large objects; automatic feeding and tray evacuation; small parcel sorting in bags, cartons or containers; and assistance in delivery preparation.

Finally, SOSi is a software that creates digital twins for the industrial or logistics process of a supply chain.

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