Multi-range scanner for warehouse and manufacturing operations

Mark 3 is a multi-range scanner from ProGlove that increases efficiency in warehouse and manufacturing operations. It has an autofocus feature that saves operators time and effort.

It can scan any 1D or 2D barcode from 10cm to 1.8m away. The Mark 3 is small, lightweight and durable, with a long battery life and fast recharge time. It is also splash-proof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Insight is a software solution from ProGlove that improves human-machine collaboration on the shop floor. It uses contextual metadata and device management to enable collaborative automation. Insight Analytics is a data engine that collects, analyzes and acts on scan data, reducing documentation time by thousands of hours per year. It also provides reports and alerts to help solve problems on the shop floor. Insight Visibility allows users to remotely and securely manage their devices, keeping them informed on status and performance. Visit the company's booth to find out more.

Booth: 11.106

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