Printed tracking label
Pod Group

Pod Group will be at the expo to demonstrate its printed eSIM-enabled smart label – said to be a world first – with its integrated location tracker, temperature sensors and accelerometer providing real-time information for improved supply chain visibility and asset protection.

Powerful eSIM technology from Giesecke+Devrient saves weight and space, and leverages reliable LTE-M connectivity for seamless transmission of sensor data across more than 40 countries. This ensures unparalleled performance and maximum uptime along the supply chain, giving end-to-end visibility and safeguarding against potential security threats.

The printed battery technology also enables the smart label to be thinner and lighter than ever before, making it the ideal solution for tracking in today's fast-paced shipping environment. Real-time data is delivered using cellular LTE-M connectivity. The compact smart label boasts a form factor that creates a whole new set of use cases, such as tracking your postal envelope or online shopping, that were previously impossible with traditional bulkier trackers. This label provides traceability and peace of mind for even the slimmest of assets. Leveraging a revolutionary geofencing feature built into the LEAP platform from Lufthansa Industry Solutions, businesses can now enjoy complete visibility over their shipments, with timely notifications every step of the way, from dispatch to delivery and back.

Booth: 10.136

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