Autonomous vehicle with swappable containers to launch at Parcel+Post Expo
KYBURZ Switzerland AG

Microhub logistics requires vehicles that are agile and dynamic. They must be as safe and efficient on narrow, densely populated city streets as they are in spacious subdivisions. These vehicles are used to transport a wide variety of goods; letters, parcels or fresh food must quickly get to recipients.

Kyburz vehicles have a wide range of applications. These vehicles can be equipped to transport flexible and swappable storage containers, which means goods are in constant motion with short turnaround times at central sorting.

At Parcel+Post Expo 2019, Kyburz Switzerland will introduce an autonomous vehicle with swappable storage containers. The autonomous Kyburz vehicles deliver goods safely and reliably, which, with flexible interchangeable payload systems, will enable greater efficiency of distribution.

Thousands of proven Kyburz DXP delivery vehicles are in use in many European countries and Australia. The DXCargo concept vehicle and the articulated lorry composed of the DXTractor and AHJumbo are in great demand. Swappable payload systems are also planned for these driver-guided vehicles.

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