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Strong box

The growth of the e-commerce market has led to increasing demand for packaging made of paper and corrugated board. Kern’s PackOnTime 2box multi-format packaging system produces high-quality boxes made of corrugated board in a customized shipping package for any type of order. The goods are well protected from damage in transit without the need for additional filling material.

To produce the correct box size, the items to be packed are dynamically measured and then automatically packaged and the box sealed. Thanks to the tear-off strip, the box can be opened easily and without tools. Due to its inherently stable shape, the box can be used for returns and storage as required. The boxes can be personalized using pre-printed corrugated board or by integrating a digital printer.

The fully automatic multi-format packaging system is the ideal solution to handle the increasing demand for items that have been ordered to be shipped efficiently and time-critically. The right size shipping package means less corrugated cardboard usage, eliminates the need for plastic fillers and thus significantly reduces the CO2 footprint.

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