Easy-install parcel lockers

With SwipBox Infinity, the company has created what it says is a unique parcel locker solution. The patented SwipBox Infinity locker is 100% app-controlled, operates on Bluetooth technology and has a 10-year battery warranty.

However, according to SwipBox, the Infinity solution is much more than just an innovative parcel locker – it’s an entire ecosystem. You get the company’s award-winning hardware design, an intuitive user flow, a customized web tool, its app universe, a location management system and integration via SwipBox’s seamless API.

The SwipBox Infinity solution is used for dense networks worldwide. The parcel lockers are easy to relocate if necessary and more can be added to increase capacity at any given location. With no need for wi-fi or power outlets, installation is extremely fast and flexible, making it easy to create dense, flexible networks.

Don’t believe it’s that easy? Stop by SwipBox’s booth at Parcel+Post Expo and try to install it yourself!

Booth: 11.234

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