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Ville Heikkilä

Ville Heikkilä is one of the founders of Kaltiot and worked with Posti throughout the locker development project. He has lived and worked in Finland, Germany and the USA, building and leading large international teams for Nokia.


An outdoor, battery-operated parcel locker, no smartphone required

The Finnish postal service wanted package pick-up lockers that would work outdoors in Arctic weather year-round without an external power supply. Kaltiot led the multi-year project and developed affordable, battery-powered lockers which have been in use since 2021. Each locker uses about the same amount of electricity in a year as what is contained in a typical vehicle starter battery. Since packages can be picked up with just the pickup code, users don’t need an app or even a smartphone. Each locker has its own internet connection so it can be remotely accessed and controlled by the delivery company.