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Roy Rachman

Senior manager with proven track record in e-commerce supply chain, logistics and distribution. After 6 years in the Armed Forces and 10 years in various commercial positions within the document processing industry, Roy joined PostNL in 2001. Here he held various management positions within different business units. Starting in commercial management positions, he later moved into service management roles within the e-commerce supply chain and customer management. Followed by programme management of various projects in out- and insourcing, acquisitions, new business and business development, change management and accommodation projects within the logistics domain of PostNL.


A PostNL case study: How to combine 2 CEP business processes using automated sorting.

Logistical workspace is getting scarce especially in the Netherlands. This requires more effective utilization rate of the workspace available using automation for CEP companies. PostNL will present how they combined 2 processes with using automation, saving footprint, MHE, and investments. The overall concept will be discussed as well as the unique chute design & software functionalities. After the presentation the audience is invited to see the result in real life by signing up for a field trip.