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Stefan Gehmayr

Stefan Gehmayr is the head of Sales and Marketing for Stiwa a hidden champion in automatization and a very high depth of production. The market and sales expert has studied at the university of Linz and has been gathering longstanding marketing, sales and business development experience in various positions of leading Austrian companies.


Smalox-additional safety for a package not stolen from the doorstep

With Smalox Stiwa Manufacturing has been developing a subtle, intelligent locking solution that does not need any battery or current. Innovative product solutions from the idea to serial production: this is what STIWA stands for. Coming from high-performance automation Stiwa has been industrializing products and bringing products from the idea to market maturity. At the Parcel & Postexpo Stiwa is presenting a subtle smart locking solution to the parcel market to avoid thefts at the doorstep without being dependent on any key or nor electricity.