Hyper-automated algorithms for smart deliveries
Milkman Technologies

Maintaining a robust and resilient supply chain right up to the last mile poses multiple challenges for carriers and transportation providers that have to cope with daily obstacles: the Covid-19 pandemic, the surge in e-commerce and evolving consumer demands are just some examples of these.

To address these complexities, Milkman Technologies has developed the Milkman Smart Promise, a solution that leverages hyper-automated algorithms to connect the needs of businesses and recipients. As the company will tell Parcel+Post Expo visitors, the core of Milkman Smart Promise lies in its ability to enable smart deliveries based on customized service level agreements (SLAs), which can be dynamically updated and fine-tuned in real time, minimizing CO2 emissions and enhancing customer satisfaction.

"Recipients are looking for a real promise-to-delivery, based on trust and reliability," says Antonio Perini, CEO of Milkman Technologies. "Preconfigured delivery schedules are no longer perceived as enough; instead, the demand lies in the ability to choose a preferred time slot and pay accordingly. By introducing Milkman Smart Promise, [the company] offers a dynamic pricing tool that enables recipients to select their desired time window regardless of the costs, ultimately contributing to maximizing revenue opportunities for the business.”

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