UPU World Leaders Forum Q&A: Sustainability and Pos Malaysia
UPU World Leaders Forum

The theme for the UPU World Leaders Forum, taking place at Parcel+Post Expo, in Amsterdam, October 24-26, 2023, is ‘Across borders and beyond limits: Blueprints for lasting innovation’. During this special extended edition of the UPU World Leaders Forum, CEOs from national postal operators and the wider postal sector will come together to define and align their common business goals across four dimensions: logistics and cross-border e-commerce, diversification strategies, trust and security, and sustainability.

On Day 2 (Oct 25), at 9:30am, Charles Brewer, CEO of Pos Malaysia, will take part in a panel discussion analyzing the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in the delivery and logistics sector.

PPTI speaks to Jarod Ho Hao Qin (right), head of sustainability at Pos Malaysia, about some of the key topics set to be covered by Charles during the panel, and the latest sustainability initiatives currently underway at Pos Malaysia.

What are your thoughts on sustainability in the postal sector?
It’s important to see sustainability as one of the many ways in future-proofing the sector, showcasing our relevancy in this intertwining economic vitality with responsible practices, and recognizing that sustainable operations are synonymous with long-term profitability and growth.

How does the sector reach its net zero goals?
The postal sector’s commitment to reaching its net-zero target hinges on a two-fold approach. Its foremost primary objective is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at its source, emphasizing sustainable practices, enhanced operational efficiency, and the adoption of cleaner technologies. This approach ensures a meaningful and lasting impact on emissions mitigation.

Carbon offsetting, while valuable, is considered a complementary measure rather than a primary solution. It acts as a secondary tool to address residual emissions that cannot be eliminated through direct reduction efforts. By prioritizing emissions reduction, the postal sector demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and a responsible approach to combating climate change.

Can you talk a bit about Pos Malaysia’s sustainability initiatives?
We first launched our sustainability roadmap in March 2023, focusing on six workstreams aimed at alternate delivery methods, fleet optimization, green buildings, waste management, sustainable packaging and digital learning, all with a long-term commitment of net zero by 2050. We are proud to have our CEO, Charles Brewer, who truly believes sustainability and business are inextricably linked. His commitment to delivering a better tomorrow embodies a profound transformational ethos that has set Pos Malaysia on its journey toward net zero. In less than a year, Pos Malaysia has become the largest EV fleet operator in Malaysia. We aim to continue this transformation trajectory, with a long-term goal of electrifying all our last-mile fleet by 2030.

What do you hope the audience will learn from the panel session?
We recognize that our journey toward sustainability is still in its early stages, but it’s important for us to share both our strides and the struggles we have faced. Through this panel session, we hope the audience will gain insights into our unique experience and perhaps draw parallels to their own sustainability endeavors.

What advice would you give other posts or parcel companies thinking about sustainability?
The interplay of urbanization, digital shifts, and e-commerce signifies a nexus of opportunity to pivot toward a more sustainable, inclusive and efficient future. By positioning the postal sector as a sustainable leader, we not only ensure its continued relevance and profitability but also unlock avenues for broader economic growth, innovation and societal well-being.

Don’t miss the ‘Sustainability’ panel session, on the morning of October 25, from 09:30-10:45am.

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