Innovation Forum Q&A: Innovative solutions for your last-mile strategy
Toshihide Soga

After his ‘Innovative solutions for your last-mile strategy’ presentation on Tuesday, Day 1 of Parcel+Post Expo Innovation Forum, in Amsterdam, Parcel and Postal Technology International caught up with Toshihide Soga, business unit director at Ligier Professional, to ask him a few questions.

What was your presentation about?
Last-mile delivery solutions. We have an up-to-date electric range of three and four wheels.

What did the audience learn?
They learned about our new products and strategy: the extension of the scooter range with an XL cargo version, new refurbish business and a prototype of the next most robust cargo bike on the market.

What are the most important solutions for the ideal last-mile strategy?
Robustness of the products, after-sales service and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

What are the top challenges in the last mile? How can these challenges be overcome?
The challenges are to make the fleet more green, keep TCO at a lower level, ensure optimal ergonomics, get a robust product and keep employees motivated.
To make it possible, you need to work with reliable partners and onboard your whole organization into the project.

What advice would you give other posts or parcel companies thinking about their last-mile strategy?
Be pragmatic and keep challenging ongoing traditional solutions. But don’t compromise on the quality of products, after-sales service and, of course, finance.

What are Ligier Group’s plans for the future?
We are still continuing to invest in new solutions, products, factories dedicated to B2B, and leasing services with partners. We do have plenty of projects – let’s meet at Post+Parcel Expo in Amsterdam to further exchange!

See the full conference program here.

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