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Shash Anand

As Vice-President of Product Strategy at SOTI, Shash Anand oversees the company’s evolution from a single product centered around Mobile Device Management (MDM) to an integrated platform that solves many of the challenges around enterprise mobility and IoT management. Shash holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management. After working for IBM as a Technical Support Engineer and Business Operations Manager, Shash joined SOTI to lead the company’s global expansion. Throughout his tenure with the company, Shash has worked across both technical and operational teams, overseeing key departments


How does enterprise mobility help Australia Post grow its business

For Post & Parcel (P&P) companies, deliveries must be on time, every time. This contrasts a SOTI study that says 98% of IT managers in P&P deal with issues that delay shipments every week. P&P organizations are shifting from mail delivery to parcel delivery. To do this, Australia Post, for example, modernized 35,000+ devices and switched operating systems. It had to be done quickly, and with no device downtime or delivery delays. Learn how SOTI helped Australia Post modernize their mobility infrastructure and why over 4,000 P&P organizations trust SOTI to help ensure no deliveries are late or lost.