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Simon Seeger

Parcel logistics is a key area of transformation today. As a partner of GLS / Royal Mail, Simon develops products and companies to drive digital transformation on the last mile. With Bettermile, he made it his mission to create exceptional delivery experiences. Fascinated by industries in transition, Simon was instrumental in driving the transformation of the book market. He founded textunes, the first eBook platform for smartphones and tablet computers in Germany, and built the European eBook platform tolino for Thalia.


Productivity vs. User Experience. Freedom vs. Control?

Real-time tracking has become the industry standard for the last mile. It improves the customer experience and provides valuable numbers for route optimisation. However, drivers want self-determination and feel constrained in their freedom when the algorithm determines the route. How do you manage this balancing act? Find out: -Why radically user-centric product development matters -How machine learning and real-time tracking improve the delivery experience for everyone -How to make parcel delivery a dance, not a fight