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Erik Wilhelm

Dr. Erik Wilhelm is the Head of Research at Kyburz Switzerland’s development department and is responsible for self-driving system engineering. He earned his PhD from the ETH-Zurich while studying multi-criteria vehicle design, data analytics, and control optimization. While in Zürich, Dr. Wilhelm co-founded a start-up in vehicle telematics for reducing on-road energy use. His post-doctoral research was performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Field Intelligence Lab and he held an Assistant Professorship at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.


How to use robots to move material economically

In 2023 Kyburz Switzerland AG deployed an indoor/outdoor capable AGV at a customer site with the mission of moving up to 2 Tonnes of material between the warehouse and production facilities. This presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges surrounding autonomous material transport, with emphasis on how the lessons-learned can be abstracted to other manufacturing sites. Both the economics and social aspects of autonomous ground vehicles will be discussed. Kyburz Switzerland AG – a well-established manufacturer of electric delivery vehicles – will also describe technical details relevant to others developing self-driving systems.