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Allan Kaczmarek

Allan Kaczmarek, founder of SwipBox, has been a part of the global postal business industry since 2003, where he established aCon. aCon developed self-service machines for the postal industry, and during the next 10 years he accomplished a huge knowledge within the postal supply chain. In 2012 he founded SwipBox, and during this year, SwipBox started to roll out parcel lockers in their own brand. Today they are represented all over the world. Allan Kaczmarek is a serial entrepreneur and has established several software companies. He has won a number of awards within the postal industry.


How AI and intelligent packaging are beneficial in the first- and last-mile journey

Delivering convenience for everyone through your parcel locker solution is essential to success. But what's the secret, and how does cutting-edge technology play a central role? In this talk SwipBox Founder, Allan Kaczmarek, will share some insights on how to operate a parcel locker network, and he will introduce you to their newest cutting-edge technology: SwipBox Circuit - an intelligent label packaging solution. Guest Speaker, Benjamin Birkholm from the Danish e-retailer BEAUTYCOS and Kaczmarek will explain how the intelligent label offers numerous benefits to e-retail including cost savings, consumer appeal, and long-term viability.