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Lorenzo D'Arsiè

Lorenzo D’Arsiè works as product manager artificial intelligence at Prime Vision. With his team of computer vision scientists and engineers, Lorenzo is tackling challenges in the postal and logistics markets with state of the art solutions. One of his main goals is to make sure the team is keeping up with the latest technologies. Lorenzo’s specialty is machine learning and he has extensive knowledge of various scientific disciplines including mathematics, physics and chemistry. Lorenzo holds a PhD degree in Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge and graduated cum laude in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics at the University of Trieste.


From 2D images to 3D videos

Most computer vision solutions for the postal market are based on single 2D images. This limitation leads to an increasingly more complex effort to extrapolate information for the logistic process. At Prime Vision we are developing a new product line centered on understanding the environment with 3D video. Organically adding one spatial and one temporal axis in our algorithms opens new optimization routes in how we sort, handle, stack, pack, track, and move parcels and other logistic items.