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Ed Klijsen

With PostNL as one of the major customers for a dedicated locker network, VDL Services in 2021 started its own label CiPiO as a full operational concept to service apartment building residents. Since day 1 Ed is involved in the rollout of this white label parcel locker solution. Besides business development, Ed is responsible for the complete operation, including all customer support activities. Ed holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and was involved in other innovative start-ups before. Ed's focus is to accelerate in customer experience for all parties involved.


Succesful deployment of white label parcel lockers in apartment buildings

Why residents want a locker solution in their apartment building and why a white label solution is the best possible way to do this Why placement of the locker alone is just the start and not the finish line; key success factors that owners should know of Why customer support makes or brakes a successful rollout in an apartment building