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Michael Johnson

Michael Johsnon is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and co-founder of Zoomo, a leader in light electric last-mile delivery vehicles. Michael is responsible for cultivating and growing Zoomo’s customer relationships, building deeper connections with existing and prospective partners and securing new deals to drive Zoomo’s top line. Prior to this role, Michael was Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Zoomo. Previously, Michael was a management consultant at Bain & Company focusing on growth and operational turnaround strategies. Michael studied a Master of Engineering (MEng), Chemical Engineering, graduating with First Class Honors.


The potential for light electric vehicles for last mile delivery

Light electric vehicles’ share of last mile delivery fleets is growing rapidly. As e-commerce continues to grow, delivery is increasingly on-demand, and anti-car legislation rolls out across more and more cities, parcel delivery players are exploring how this new form factor can replace delivery vans in the last mile.Yet with such a nascent vehicle type, there will always be teething problems as well as structural issues which need to be solved before we see mass adoption.In this presentation, Zoomo shares its view on how parcel delivery players can not only adopt this new form factor but lead the charge.