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Marjan Osvald

Marjan Osvald, from Slovenia, has been Deputy Director General of the UPU International Bureau since the beginning of 2022, having been elected by member countries at the Universal Postal Congress in Abidjan in September 2021. He has more than 27 years’ experience in international postal operations, relations, strategy and sales at Pošta Slovenije. He was an active member of the PostEurop, and was elected three times as a Board member. Marjan was a long-standing member of various steering committees within International Post Corporation. He has been actively involved in research and innovation projects (as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project team) on cognitive logistics, involving core technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the social internet of things, and big data analytics. As the UPU National Quality of Service Coordinator at Posta Slovenije, he received the 2014 Postal Technology Award for Digital Innovation of the Year, for a new electronic postal customs procedures concept. He has actively participated in the work of the UPU ever since the Beijing Congress in 1999.