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Benjamin Birkholm

Benjamin is a Tech savvy ecommerce specialist with over 12 years of experience. He is working on strategic- and tactic level, but also often on operational level, where he loves to have his hands into different e-commerce areas.


How AI and intelligent packaging are beneficial in the first- and last-mile journey

Delivering convenience for everyone through your parcel locker solution is essential to success. But what's the secret, and how does cutting-edge technology play a central role? In this talk SwipBox Founder, Allan Kaczmarek, will share some insights on how to operate a parcel locker network, and he will introduce you to their newest cutting-edge technology: SwipBox Circuit - an intelligent label packaging solution. Guest Speaker, Benjamin Birkholm from the Danish e-retailer BEAUTYCOS and Kaczmarek will explain how the intelligent label offers numerous benefits to e-retail including cost savings, consumer appeal, and long-term viability.