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Rob Diepstraten

Rob started his career at the VDL Groep directly after obtaining his mechanical engineering degree in 1988. He worked as an Engineer initially, and has been active as Managing Director of different VDL Companies since 1997. VDL Services was founded by Rob in 2006. The development of Parcel Machines for Dutch Royal Post started in 2015 with the cooperation of Last Mile Logistics. This collaboration led to the start of CiPiO in 2021.


Engineering and production of parcel machines

Join Rob Diepstraten, Managing Director at VDL Services bv, who will introduce to you the VDL Groep and their engineering and production capabilities. He will take you on a journey where you get to experience the entire development and production process of the CiPiO Parcel Machines and learn about the importance of the cooperation between the various stakeholders that make this process possible. Furthermore, you will be challenged to think about new developments and their corresponding production processes.