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Thursday, October 15

14:00 CET - Logistics Ecosystem Theatre - Fleet Electrification

As posts and courier companies look at ways to comply with ever-stringent emissions and other regulations around urban transport, one obvious idea is that of replacing the current fleet with electric vehicles. This session intends to get serious about the practicalities and benefits of fleet electrification.

14:00 CET - The strategic case for going electric – insights from the global EV100 initiative

Sandra Roling
Head of EV100
The Climate Group

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A growing number of businesses are adopting ambitious electrification strategies as part of future-proofing their strategies. The Climate Group’s international corporate leadership initiative EV100 brings together over 70 global brands publicly committed to make the transition to electric fleets by 2030, including postal, logistics and retail leaders such as Austrian Post, Deutsche Post DHL, Inga Group (IKEA) and Swiss Post. This presentation provides insights into their experiences and the key drivers and barriers they encounter, and highlights the role ambitious corporate leaders can play in accelerating the necessary market transitions.

14:20 CET - Real benefits of applying light electric vehicles for last-mile postal delivery

Martin Kyburz
Kyburz Switzerland AG

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Urban last-mile delivery is becoming increasingly challenging due to space, energy and environmental constraints. This presentation will describe how the new generation of Kyburz electric transport vehicles assist global customers in optimizing their last-mile delivery systems. We will outline the energy, total cost and efficiency implications of deploying our vehicles across a broad range of diverse geographic areas. The focus of the discussion will be on the real data collected by our fleet management system during the vehicle’s lifetime, as well as the potential benefits of refurbishing vehicles for their ‘second life’ after their initial service period.

14:40 CET - How to switch to electric

Silvester Pullman
Sales director
Voltia a.s.

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This presentation will review the latest findings on the true cost of switching delivery vans to electric. It will outline the current electric van landscape, reveal the most common mistakes to avoid in the process, and provide invaluable tips for fleet managers.

15:20 - Panel Discussion